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Comfy would not be possible without the Rust ecosystem. We build on the shoulders of giants, notably (in no particular order) wgpu, winit, glam, hecs, egui, macroquad and bevy.

Despite not always agreeing with the design decisions of some of these, it should be explicitly pointed out that we greatly appreciate the efforts that go into these projects and the people behind them.

Macroquad has been an amazing inspiration in how a simple and pragmatic ecosystem can be born, and how the complexity of Rust can be reduced to APIs which are so simple that one can just use them.

Comfy initially started as a copy-paste of macroquad function headers with only the internals changed to use wgpu, and only over time evolved into something different.

Bevy has been a great inspiration in how a community can be built around a unified vision, and how such a project can grow to a scale many would not think was possible. While we may not agree with Bevy on many things in terms of what a game engine should do, it would be foolish not to recognize its achievement, both in designing great and innovative ECS APIs, as well as pushing Rust as a language to its limits.

Comfy uses bits of code borrowed from Bevy, notably tonemapping shaders, bits of logic around bloom, and a few utility functions (notably timers).