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Warning: comfy is currently under heavy development. While there are games already being made using comfy, the API is not yet stable and breaking changes will happen. If you want to use comfy for your game you may be forced to dig into the source code and possibly tweak things manually. That being said, the source code is designed to be simple and modifiable. If you want to make a game jam game comfy is definitely mature enough.

Comfy is a fun 2D game engine built in Rust. It's designed to be opinionated, productive, and easy to use. It uses wgpu and winit, which makes it cross-platform, currently supporting Windows, Linux, MacOS and WASM (iOS and Android support planned soon). Inspired by macroquad, Raylib, Love2D and many others, it is designed to just work and fill most of the common use cases.

The ultimate goal of comfy is to do the obvious thing as simply as possible without unnecessary ceremony. If something is annoying to use, it is a bug that should be fixed. We're not necessarily aiming at beginner friendliness, but rather productive and ergonomic APIs. If you're a beginner, comfy should be easy to pick up, but it might not be as polished as some of the other alternatives. The goal of comfy is ultimately not polish, cleanliness of API, clean design, type safety, extensibility, or maximum features. It's an engine that gets out of your way so you can make your game.

There is nothing that fundamentally prevents comfy from becoming a 3D engine, but the last thing we want is to try to fight rend3 or bevy in terms of PBR accuracy or skeletal animations. Comfy is not fighting against Unreal Engine 5. It would be nice if simple stylized 3D games were ultimately possible, but we want to get all of the basic building blocks for 2D first. Some internals of comfy (batching and z-sorting) will need to be re-implemented to allow for this and ultimately more performant rendering techniques, but this should not happen at the cost of API clarity and ergonomics for most games.